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Between an idyllic landscape and varied wildlife, the RTG developer has worked hard to attract gamblers to play the Red Sands slot machine. This slot machine, straight out of an overflowing imagination, presents the continent of Australia in an unusual way. During your famous journey, local animals and fascinating scenery await you, but that’s not all. The Red Sands Slot Machine also features exceptional bonuses to combine traveling fun with winning money. Close-up of the Red Sands Slot Machine.

A unique journey to the southern lands

With the Red Sands slot machine, online game creator RTG takes its players to the land of Australia. During your journey to the end of the world, this slot promises you a thousand and one wonders. In fact, after discovering the southern lands, travelers always swear to return to see the wonder that exists nowhere else.

Looking for an innovative idea to get away from it all while making money? Don’t wait any longer! Play the Red Sands slot machine. In addition, at most online casinos, this slot machine has a high rating from the players. Are you a fan of RTG’s style and décor? You’re sure to marvel at the Red Sands Slot Machine!

Red Sands Slot Machine’s Leading Characters

The Red Sands Slot Machine consists of 5 reels on which players can discover the game’s friendly characters. Some of the most popular symbols in this slot machine include the koala, kangaroo, moon, porcupine, wild pig, etc. As for the pay lines, there are 20 pay lines for players to bet on.

Each payline can only receive one coin from €0.01 to €1. Of course, the player is free to choose the amount he wishes to bet. Thus, the player has the ability to bet a total amount from 1 cent to €20 per round.

Note that this slot machine also has an auto-play mode. In other words, with this option, players automatically start the machine and it stops only when they tell it to. With this feature, players can continue a game even if they have to leave their computer.

The juicy bonuses offered by the Red Sands slot machine

One of the benefits of the Red Sands slot machine is its bonuses. Unlike other adventure slots, the bonuses offered by Red Sands are very juicy! In fact, by lining up 5 kangaroos on a payline, the player will win 5000 coins: the best payout. It is important to note that the kangaroo represents the Wild in this slot. In other words, it is a joker that can substitute itself with any character except the moon, thus creating a winning combination. Furthermore, in Red Sands, the appearance of a kangaroo in a combination doubles the payout.

In addition, two moons trigger free spins in the Red Sands Slot Machine, as they represent the scatter. It is important to note that the Red Sans slot machine is progressive, allowing players to benefit from winning the jackpot at the end of each round.

With the Red Sands Slot, players not only receive substantial bonuses, but also discover the wonders of Australia – a first for most players!