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Similar to classic Blackjack, the Double Deck version differs in a few ways. This so-called Pitch version is distinguished by cards placed face down in front of the players. Usually they are exposed. Then, the objective remains practically the same. You have to reach a sum of 21 with what you have in your hand. The dealer is also in the game and will have to be beaten.

Blackjack Double Deck Distribution

Blackjack Double Deck includes a 6-card deck. This variation of the classic game is the ability to pick up the cards with their face exposed in front of them. The other participants around the table can count the number that the competitors could make. With the Pitch, a hand can be freed to choose what could help to reach the 21 points. At the beginning of the game, the dealer hands two cards. These are two shares face down. Each person sitting around receives the same base. The bank also receives this pair facing the mat. The bank takes 2, but one is hidden while the second remains open. The players can start counting. All face cards are worth 10 points. This is the case for the king (K), queen (Q) or jack (J). For the others, the face value must be totalled. This means that the “10” is worth as much in number. The exception is maintained for the Ace, which is considered as “1” or “11”. The choice must be made according to the approximation to 21. The aim is never to exceed it. If it makes it possible to reach the target, it is Blackjack.

Some details that make the difference of this game

The player is paid one and a half times his bet. However, the dealer can also beat him by having the same value. In this case it is a push, i.e. a draw where nobody wins. However, it is possible to act on the hand. Participants have different options. They can hit, double or stand. Another manoeuvre is to separate. Don’t worry, these are simple gestures. By lightly scraping the table with their cards, the individual signals that they wish to receive another one. If he goes over the regulation 21, the hand is broken. The cards with their face against the table will have to be turned over. Whoever no longer wishes to receive another piece must make this known by using the sign. He must place what he has on his fingers under his bet. This means that he is “standing” and leaves the game if others manage to do better than him. The total that a player may be close to 9, 10 or 11 at the beginning. This is a good time to bet extra money since it is possible to win the round. This rule gives Blackjack Double Deck its name. The person is then dealt one more card face down.

Some techniques to know to increase the odds

If two units received have the same value, it is possible to separate them. This means betting the same amount as the original bet, but splitting into two hands. Pairs can also be three or four different opportunities, as long as they bet the same amount. The exception is not maintained for Aces. Aces can only be split once. It is impossible to receive more than one addition which will be delivered face down. The same rule applies to dubbing. When all the participants want nothing more, the croupier has the choice of turning over his hidden card, drawing another one or standing up. He has a better chance of beating the players with a total of 17 or slightly less. This combination includes at least one Ace. People around the table may also ask for insurance. This is a Side Bet and should be limited to the initial bet. If the dealer has Blackjack, the bettor is paid 2-to-1. Otherwise, the game continues and the bank takes all the money.