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Are you looking for a relaxing and quiet setting to play bingos? With Ribeirinhos bingo, players will be served without leaving the house! Based on the theme of fishing, Ribeirinhos bingo is a real catch featuring a South American fishing village. With its gold-toned graphics and bingo features, players will be more than delighted! Zoom on the bingo Ribeirinhos.

How to play Ribeirinhos Bingo ?

To start a game of Bingo Ribeirinhos, each player must place their wager. Of course, to increase the chances of winning big winnings, the stakes have to be increased. Note that to be eligible for the jackpot, it is mandatory to bet a minimum amount of $1. Then, the player will be able to form 1 to 4 bingo cards, with 15 random numbers. To take advantage of the new cards, simply press “Switch Cards”.

Once the game has started, 32 random balls will be dealt on the river. Then the numbers on the players’ cards will be crossed out one by one. The winning combinations will be highlighted in green. Bingo Ribeirinhos has 8 winning combinations, one of which allows players to get a bonus game: “Pick and Collect”.

If to create a winning combination, the player misses a single number, they can still hope to win by using the Extra Ball function. Indeed, on bingo Ribeirinhos, players have the ability to buy extra balls. In fact, in Ribeirinhos bingo, it is possible to buy 13 extra balls. The price of the extra balls is shown at the top of the screen. In this way, the player can create a winning combination and win interesting prizes.

The winnings offered by bingo Ribeirinhos

In Bingo Ribeirinhos, players would rub shoulders with a group of native South Americans living by the rivers to play a round of river bingo. The background of this game is a sunset and a man paddling in a boat. As well as the graphics, the prizes offered by Bingo Ribeirinhos are also very attractive. In addition to the 11 patterns that trigger the wins, this online bingo also has a bonus round.

Bingo Ribeirinhos’ winnings are proportional to the size of each player’s bet. For your information, this bingo has 8 winning patterns. With a bet of $1 per card, the player will be able to pocket winnings ranging from $1 to $1,500. Winnings range from $5 to $7,500 with a $5 bet per card, while they will be $0.10 to $150 with a $0.10 bet per card.

The bonuses offered by Bingo Ribeirinhos

During a game of Bingo Ribeirinhos, each player can win the bonus symbol. In Bingo Ribeirinhos, this symbol triggers a Pick and Collect round. Thanks to this bonus, 15 baskets of fish will be spread over 3 river docks. Since the Ribeirinhos are fishermen, these fish are a real gold mine for them! To do this, the baskets have to be transported until you find the one marked “Collect”. After that, all you have to do is collect the fish and turn them into coins.

In short, the Ribeirinhos bingo allows players to win a boat full of fish, and in the end, winnings! Besides, for the Ribeirinhos, the river always rhymes with luck and good things! Let’s hope that the bingo players will also find their happiness and give a small tip to the riverman when they hit the jackpot.