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A Joker Poker 52 Hand game is played in a classic way with a few nuances. The rules change slightly and suggest you use tricks to beat the machine. In any case, you will benefit from this mode of play. Let’s take a look at this entertainment.

You have 52 cards to deal with in this video poker game.

The difference between 52 Hand Video Poker and 52 Hand Video Poker is obvious from the on-screen setup. From the outset, you have the opportunity to test your concentration with a 52-card hand. It’s also a chance to find good cards and better combinations. That’s what makes this variation so popular. Then, the game gets even more interesting with the addition of a Wild. This is a joker. It’s just one card among many, but it can replace any one of them. This allows you to make alignments or squares with a missing piece. The main thing would be to make improvements on your payout tables. Most machines start awarding generous points with a pair of kings. The ratio is often 1:1. This is a lot if you have bet a fairly large amount. Another detail is that you should not record a lower pair if you have a pair of Aces on hand. The presence of a Wild gives a certain level of excitement to your game.

This variation is available on most platforms.

The other advantage of Joker Poker 52 Hand would be its wide distribution. You’ll find it at virtually any online casino, at least most of them. Either way, you will be able to learn instantly how the game works, which may vary slightly from one establishment to another. The best would be to start with a free discovery game. Sites often offer a few rounds during which you will receive virtual money to play. It is only after this “fun” stage that you should taste the beautiful sensations of winning money by mastering your 52 cards. Don’t worry, you’ll get the hang of it almost instantly if you’re already familiar with poker combinations. The videogame version is slightly different, but the rules are almost the same with certain principles. Specialists recommend increasing the stakes gradually. This would be the best way to win significantly, especially if you make a big flush. As a reminder of the basics, this is a line up of cards including Aces, Kings, Queens and Jacks of the same suit. Other forms of straights are also possible.

Classic strategies are still in use

Other than the number of cards in hand, 52 video hand poker has no great particularities. You will be able to practice the strategies you already know. Otherwise, you should still learn them through experience or by reading books on the game.  You can also work on combinations that do not require a joker. You should dispense with this bonus by trying to formulate a Royal Straight Flush or a series of 4 cards. The square and the full house of the same suit allow you to win. Then there is the Three of a Kind and the Straight. It would be even more interesting if you have a pair of kings on the first split. Finally, if the Joker is there, it’s a better way. You can lead the game with a Wild accompanying the “6”, “7” and “8”. It is also possible to win with a “10”, “5” and “9”. Bet the maximum if you feel that luck is on your side.